The standard water supply tubing for modern homes

Tubes are incredibly versatile components possessing the potential to be shaped into countless unique designs. We are a company that specialises in altering them into these differing shapes, using techniques like tube reduction. Therefore, the next time you need your tubing to meet some rather special requirements; your first step should be to contact us.

If the home you live in was constructed around 50 to 60 years ago, chances are that your water supply is comprised of copper tubing. During the earlier days, iron pipes were used as the standard for residential builds, but it was heavy, awkward to use, and needed dedicated tools. Additionally, iron also degraded as time passed, meaning that it wasn’t exactly the most practical choice. Copper however is light, easy to use, and isn’t known for deteriorating, having become the modern world’s standard for water pipes.

Two variations of copper tubing exist and are mostly known by their technical names, soft and hard. Their correct names are annealed for soft tubes and tempered for hard ones, but they are hardly ever used. Hard tubes are utilised in renovations and new builds where gaining access to exposed piping and the interior walls is somewhat simple. You will often see soft tubes in repair efforts as they can be bent easily around existing obstacles.

Both soft and hard tubes are available in a collection of grades, from a quarter inch up to a two inch. The average homeowner tends to encounter half-inch tubes, which are used for shower and bath supply lines, quarter inch ones for refrigerator ice makers and toilet lines, and three eighths inch models for bathroom and kitchen taps. The more sizable variants are mainly utilised to supply water to a building.

At Multiform Tubes, we are experienced in working with copper tubing in addition to a slew of other materials. Tube reduction is a method that’s helpful when looking to reduce the size towards the end section. In some ways, it’s similar to that of tapering. If you feel that our services would be of benefit to you, be sure to get in touch with us.