Steel rings for grinding wheels

At Multiform Tubes Engineering Ltd we offer a huge selection of tubular products. This can include steel rings as well as angular parts. We create them using techniques like tube ring rolling and bending. Whatever each client needs, we do our utmost to provide it. This could be protective rings for grinding wheels or other items.

Grinding is a very popular technique for cutting and removing material from different products. Humans have been using it for thousands of years, firstly to work stone and then to process metals. Today it is largely done solely with machining equipment. Grinding wheels can spin at high rotations to efficiently handle the job. They can accomplish more in a faster time than a person could with a hand tool.

High risk

Tube ring rollingWhile grinding wheels are fantastic when it comes to efficiency, there is a drawback. There is a great deal of danger because they spin at such a high rate. Accidentally touching a wheel while it is spinning could result in serious injury. In addition, there is also the chance the wheel could break. If so it could send shrapnel and debris flying at very high speeds across a wide area.

To account for the risk, many people use steel rings to reinforce the grinding wheels. Tube ring rolling can help to create them.

The benefits

The steel rings provide one major benefit. What they do is help to strengthen the wheel and keep it together. The operating conditions mean wheels have to deal with a huge amount of pressure and friction. If there is nothing to reinforce them, breakages can happen very easily. This is more likely when you increase the rotation and work with very hard materials.

Using a ring can also improve performance. It does this by reducing how much a wheel can wander. Rapid rotations and huge amounts of pressure and friction can result in wandering tools, whether it is a wheel, a drill bit, or even a saw blade. That can ruin accuracy. But, a ring can help to prevent it in this case. It will improve the accuracy and end result.

Talk to us about tube ring rolling

The thing to keep in mind about grinding wheels is they can vary greatly between models. Some can be huge straight wheels. Others are cylindrical or taper. Whatever the option, you need the right product if you want to reinforce them. Luckily, it is relatively easy to customise steel rings. That is especially true when you work with an expert.

Multiform Tubes Engineering Ltd is one of the top specialists in our field. We can take tube and adapt it in multiple ways to suit a variety of needs. If you need bespoke steel rings, we can deliver them for you. So, get in touch now to learn about our tube ring rolling and more. We would love to work with you.