Tubes protect buildings from fires

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Fire protection measures

Tube bending servicesFire’s effects can be catastrophic. But, measures do exist that enable you to protect structures and their inhabitants. One of these is using metal tubes. The tubing might appear to be an overlooked element of building design. However, it plays an essential part in defending buildings from fire. What we want to do here is discuss how. Also, we’ll tell you why it is integral to select the right components for your fire protection systems.

As we said, tubes play a vital role in keeping buildings safe from fire hazards. They isolate and safeguard combustible materials from one another. Examples of these include flammable liquids and electrical wiring. As a result, it reduces the risk of fire spread and damage.

Furthermore, tubes supply an extra measure. They can store huge quantities of flammable liquid, lowering fire risks inside manufacturing environments. By moving these substances through metal tube, you can contain and isolate them from every other part of a building. This minimises the danger and lowers possible catastrophic events.

Steel is the safest tubing material

Of the multitude of tubes in existence, steel variants are among the safest options for fire safety with construction. The reason for this is their considerable fire-resistance.

Steel shows up a lot in construction projects as it is a resilient and sturdy material. It can put up with high temperatures without losing its structural integrity. Such a characteristic makes it an outstanding choice when keeping everyone safe in fires. If you are in need of tube bending services, make sure you come to us.

Fire safety systems

Tubes are an essential part of fire safety systems too. When fires do break out, there should be measure such as suppression systems and sprinklers. They allow you to contain and extinguish the blazes. Tubing is valuable to these systems as it distributes fire suppressants like water throughout a structure. With fire sprinklers, a network of tubes with sprinkler heads release water onto the fire. Correct installation and use of such systems can limit the damage fire causes.

The kind of tube used depends on details like the style of fire suppression system you are installing. Local building regulations and codes are also important. It is the same for the building’s size and layout.

Venting smoke out

Finally, tubes can vent smoke out of a building. When there is a fire, smoke and similar hazardous gases can accumulate rapidly. This makes it hard for people to escape the structure. In many cases it is the gas that causes more injuries than the actual flames.

Tubes are necessary to vent the gases out of the structure via strategically placed vents. Smoke venting systems use the same approach. They create a negative pressure zone where all toxic fumes escape via the vents.

Smoke venting systems are especially important in high-rise buildings. Here, managing the risk is more difficult. The best option is to choose a system that can vent it swiftly. The systems can ensure everyone has a clear path to safety.

We work closely with clients to offer tube bending services

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So, if you need our tube bending services for any kind of fire protection system, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We can provide tubing to suit any kind of structure.