Steel tubing can expand into multiple industries

Tube manipulation is an art we have practiced since our company was founded. Over time, we have evolved constantly, expanding our service pool in order to meet the ever-increasing demands of customers. Expansion is among the many services which are provided by us and it’s a highly versatile method that results in a tight fitting joint.

Tube expansion involves us using a myriad of methods in order to open the tube end, allowing it to be applied for different purposes and giving a leak-proof, snug fit onto other tubes. Various strategies are implemented to expand the tubing, but no matter which one we use, the end result will always be astounding in terms of quality.

Stainless steel tubing finds its usefulness in a plethora of industries. The tubes are manufactured with a mix of alloys that are specifically selected according to what purpose the finished products will fulfil or what industry is to be served. For example, the stainless steel alloys utilised for aircraft hydraulic lifts shall use percentages of both chromium and nickel.

A number of factories, production lines and mills all make use of stainless steel components for the products they produce and their machines. The material is also used for tubing in the automotive industry too. Fuel and heat lines require the strength that it provides so that they can resist the extreme elements they are exposed to.

It can be tricky to manipulate tubes made from stainless steel. This is because the material has a very interesting property that sees it become sturdier the more it is worked. This presents a challenge for tube manipulation but we can overcome it effectively.

At Multiform Tubes our services are second to none. The products we produce find use in both the industrial and domestic sectors, and the state of the art manipulation equipment that we employ ensures each product will meet all expectations. Should you require additional information relating to us or our services, we would love to hear from you.