How is steel tubing utilised to create bike frames?

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Steel bike frames are commonly built using a myriad of alloys. They’re easy to work with, strong and are relatively cheap. One classical construction type, for both regular and mountain bicycles, includes the use of cylindrical steel tubes that are connected with lugs. These lugs are fittings comprised of thicker pieces of the same material. The tubing is fitted into the lugs that encircle the tube’s end and are brazed to the lug afterwards. Because of its simple construction, a lugged bike frame can be very easily repaired when out in the field.

Historically, the lower temperature levels of brazing have had less of a negative impact than high temperature welding on the tubing strength. This allows for a relatively light tube to be utilised without it losing any of its durability, making it ideal for bike frames.

At Multiform we have been practicing the art of tube bending and manipulation for many years in order to aid in the completion of a plethora of projects. Many sectors can benefit massively from our services, the bike production industry included, so it’s definitely something to consider looking in to if you manufacture bikes.

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