Steel tubing is incredibly versatile

Steel tubing can be used for an amazing number of different applications. The ability to choose a suitable diameter, length, wall thickness and even the shape means you can find the right solution for many different needs. When considering how thick you want the tubes to be it is important to keep in mind what combination of rigidity and flexibility you need. In this regard you may also want to consider whether seamless or welded tubing will serve you the best.

As well as basic lengths of tubing you can also choose additional services to have them bent or manipulated into a wide range of different shapes. You can create curves in the tube, loops or angular bends if required, opening up the opportunities to choose amazing decorative or functional products. With an experienced producer and modern equipment the tubing can be manipulated easily, including giving you the opportunity to expand or reduce whole lengths or individual sections of tube.

When considering steel tubing it is always important to keep the conditions the tube will be exposed to in mind. Steels can be prone to corrosion if not properly treated and protected so if you are planning on keeping products outdoors you’ll need to plan for this. Stainless steel is more resistant to corrosion but is slightly trickier to work with because of its rigidity. Mild steel is more pliable but will need a treatment to protect it. Tubes can be galvanised or coated with zinc and other rust resistant materials to protect them and provide a more decorative finish.

We specialise in producing bespoke steel tubing to suit the needs of our clients. We work with customers from a wide variety of sectors, offering them flexibility, efficiency and quality products that suit their specifications. We are renowned for offering tube manipulation alongside our other manufacturing services and welcome all kinds of special requests and unique projects. We really love taking on new challenges and putting our skills to the test. From tube reduction to expansion to bending, we can do it all.