Modern machinery is expanding the scope of tubular products

Modern tube bending machinery is bringing some amazing benefits to the automotive sector. New machines allow tubes and pipes to be bent in a huge variety of different ways, including tight bends, curves and even spirals when required. This opens up a wide range of new opportunities for innovation and brings designs forward leaps and bounds. Increasingly complex shapes can be made very easily now so there is far more scope in terms of what can be done with exhausts, fuelling systems and other key aspects of vehicles.

With new machines tubes with both larger and smaller diameters can be worked with. Traditionally bending large scale pipes was very tough because it was so easy to damage the surface of the pipe and warp it. Smaller tubes were also tricky to work and could be prone to breakages if pushed too far. Modern machinery is gentler and manages to produce some stunning results.

Alongside tube bending machines there have also been advances in manipulation technology. The latest models of devices can easily expand or reduce tubes within wide parameters. This capability further expands opportunities for vehicle designers, whether it is the development of cars, large commercial vehicles or even aerospace technologies. Complex tubular shapes, with large and small sections as well as bends and angles can be created with little fuss.

With modern machinery comes new efficiency and cost savings for batch orders. Economies of scale are a big benefit if you want to keep manufacturing costs as low as possible and deliver the best value for money. They also help to keep waste as low as possible by reducing the risk of defective items being manufactured.

We are one of the UK’s leading tubing manufacturers and providers of professional tube bending services. We regularly work with clients from the automotive and transportation sectors, delivering bespoke products to order. Whatever your needs we are confident we can produce the products you want quickly, efficiently and accurately, with our comprehensive range of tube manipulation and tube bending services.