Tarnishing is different to rust

Our team has been offering assistance with the manipulation of tubes for a long time. One way we do this is through tube drilling. It works by providing your tubing with clean, precise holes. As a result, it is the ideal technique to use when you need to save on costs and time. It is especially good if you want to speed up assembly times.

Metals are among the planet’s most rigid materials. This is one of the reasons why we use them for tubes. They can work as the framework for various buildings. For example, many of our offices and homes have this kind of frame. Like everything else though, metals have vulnerabilities. Some will corrode when you expose them to other materials, the atmosphere, and specific chemicals.

Metals corrode in different ways

Tube drillingIt is vital to remember that there are different ways for metals to corrode. Each one will differ in how they behave with the materials and elements they encounter.

Oxygen is certainly the most common catalyst for corrosion. It is able to influence the majority of metals when it is in gas and liquid form. For this reason, we sometimes call corrosion oxidation.

As we already said, metals corrode differently when you expose them to the same compound or element. We are able to classify the materials into two varieties. These are nonferrous (non-iron containing) and ferrous (iron-containing).

The absence or presence of iron within a metal’s composition affects its corrosion substantially. Ferrous ones are able to corrode by morphing into rust or iron oxide. As for nonferrous, they corrode by producing an oxide layer on the exterior. We call this tarnishing.

Tarnish stays on the exterior

As opposed to rust, tarnishing remains on the exterior of nonferrous metals. It is not going to spread into the material and ruin its properties. Rather, it carries on growing on the surface as exposure to the atmosphere continues.

To put it in other terms, you are able to polish or scrape away the tarnish layer on the surface. This is without lowering its quality. It is not the same with rust.

For metals like bronze, brass, and copper, tarnishing is unavoidable. Thankfully, you are able to rectify it. Tarnish only exists on the metal’s exterior. Thus, you are able to clean it. However, unlike standard grime or dust, it won’t come off with a quick wipe. Because of this, you will need to use a polishing agent.

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