The chemical properties of mild steel

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One of the materials we work with is mild steel. Thanks to its outstanding attributes, it has become an in-demand metal. All kinds of industries use it. The machinability and weldability in particular are great. To help you get a better idea of why it is popular, we are going to talk about its chemical properties.

Low carbon content

To start with, mild steel contains less carbon than high and medium carbon steels. The level goes as high as 0.25% here. As a result, it is a very machinable substance. You can form it into many shapes, machine it, and cut it. All of this is without adding extra proportional stresses to a workpiece. That makes it a good option for tubing and tube bending services. Not to mention, the carbon content makes welding a very smooth process.


There is also a myriad of alloying elements that augment the properties. These can alter the chemical/physical attributes favourably. They can make the final product more appropriate for the application. For example, you can add elements to enhance heat resistance, tensile strength, and wear resistance. The things you can add include sulphur, phosphorus, cobalt, chromium and manganese.

Corrosion resistance

To give an example, chromium can boost the corrosion resistance. It enhances the mild steel’s hardness too. When it is in its pure form, mild steel shall rust with ease because of the oxidation of iron. However, if you add chromium it creates a dense layer of oxide on exposure to the atmosphere. This will safeguard the metal from further corrosion attacks. In limited amounts, copper can also act similarly to chromium oxide.


You can also galvanise mild steel tubes for more protection from the atmosphere. Once again this gives the metal a protective outer layer that will preserve the substrate. However, if you galvanise you must be careful with cutting and adapting the metal as you could remove the coating.

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