The consequences of a terrible bend

When it comes to tube ring rolling, we are one of the UK’s leading specialists. Our team members possess years of experience. Using it, they have the means to produce tubes that meet your precise specifications. Even with the strongest designs, we can give you constant curves without flattening the product.

When you bend tubes, you will need to use some powerful machines. However, when you use them improperly, issues can occur. Tubes that you don’t bend appropriately wear out fast and don’t perform to the right standard. They don’t look good either. Without the proper balance of attributes, you can expect the following to happen.

Too much stress isn’t a good thing

There may be an excessive amount of flattening. Some degree is fine on specific projects. Yet, too much is a major difficulty with tube bending. Sometimes, you can put high stress on the exterior radius. When you do this, it becomes impossible for the tube to keep its shape. The outside bends in and the tube ends up flat. Try using a larger bend centreline radius and minimise stress levels.

Buckling or wrinkling is another problem you can expect to come across. The right bend should be as even as the tube that leads up to it. If you see buckles or a wrinkle, your bend is poor. This occurs when the bend’s cross section doesn’t buttress the bending pressure. You should introduce pressure within closer proximity to the die. Using a mandrel at the correct times is a smart idea as well.

At Multiform Tubes, we can create a wide range of tubes. With them, you can fashion all sorts of chair frames, barriers, railings, and shop fittings. There are also other possibilities because of how good we are at tube ring rolling and other services such as bending and end forming.

If there is something special that you are after, please give us a call.