The consequences of not having a balance

The tube bending services that we provide are ones you can use for a plethora of applications. We put our skills and experience to use in order to create products that match your requirements. By making our company your number one choice, you ensure a positive outcome.

When bending a metallic tube, you need to use a high-powered mechanism. However, when you utilise one improperly, everything can go awry quite rapidly. Tubes that you haven’t bent correctly underperform and wear out much faster than they should. Moreover, they just look terrible. You’ll require a balance of cost, power, safety, precision, and speed. If you lack this, then you will find yourself in some rather unfavourable situations.

There could be some misplaced force. Intemperate pressure doesn’t compensate for employing a poorly positioned die or the incorrect utensils. In truth, excessive forces lead to awful bends and broken tools. If you place too much force on the bend point, it may break or flatten. Should you put the pressure too far away, then you can encounter buckling. You must apply it in the correct locations and to the proper extent.


Speaking of flattening, some degree of it is fine on particular jobs. Nonetheless, a large amount isn’t good for tube bending projects. If you place too much stress on the outer radius the tube won’t be able to preserve its shape. The outside shall bend in, resulting in a flat section. You can fix this by minimising stress levels and using a bigger bend centreline radius. Something else you can try is using a mandrel.

At Multiform Tubes, we can manipulate tubing with outstanding accuracy using our advanced machinery. As a result our tube bending services are the most dynamic. To help customers in understanding our specialist solutions, we also supply guidance and advice on them.

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