Avoid twisting when rolling

Tube ring rolling allows us to create bespoke tubing for a wide array of different applications. The tubes can be adapted so they curve various degrees, from gentle curves and semi-circles to complete rings or even coils. Our team have a wealth of skills and can cater for various requirements, including round and square tubes as well as bars.


One of the biggest concerns with ring rolling is that the tube can slip when it is fed through the rollers. As a result this can create a twist, ruining the shape and aesthetics. Some twists even weaken the wall of the tubing.

What causes twisting?

A number of different issues can cause a tube to twist during rolling. Most of them relate to issues with the set-up, including misalignment of the entry guide stand and failing to match the rolls with the tooling.

One of the most common mistakes is using excessive pressure on either the inboard or outboard side of the tooling. In many cases operators choose to make adjustments to machinery without having any material in it. As a result it is impossible to gauge the impact when a tube runs through it. A miscalculation can end with tubing flying straight through the rollers and twisting. Again it is vital to take time with the set-up and test it.

Lack of lubrication can also lead to twisting. If the tube drags when it is fed through the rollers it can stretch and twist. Lubricant can help the tubes to slide through. Remember to use the right product though because lubricants aren’t suitable for all metals; some will cause tarnishing. Vanishing oils are useful because they dissipate after forming.

The right service

At Multiform Tubes we appreciate the potential problems and flaws that can happen during tubing alteration. Therefore we are in the perfect position to overcome them. We ensure our equipment is set up correctly for each project. Consequently we can deliver high quality products every time.

If you would like to discuss an application with us please get in touch. Our tube ring rolling is flexible and can meet an array of needs. We can even help decide tolerances and product designs.