The process behind tube ring rolling and its applications

When you need services for tubing, ours is the team you can rely on. With our expertise, high grade machinery and skilled workers, your needs are in good hands. Our work is extensive, including offering various forms of manipulation. One example of this is our tube ring rolling.

What Does It Involve?

With this type of metal rolling, rotating rolls help to form the part. Their shape and height is slowly adjusted in order to produce the cross section. An edging roller is typically necessary to make sure that the width is equal throughout the forming of the ring.

The process allows for a better grain structure as well as optimal strength. This gives the final piece outstanding mechanical properties.

Rolling is a continuous and gradual process with fast working times. Our team uses top grade tools and machinery in order to produce amazing results for you. This helps prevent issues and enables you to move on with your project.

The Applications

The tube ring rolling process can create rings for machinery, pressure vessels, pipes and turbines, as well as roller and ball bearing races. The components have automotive and aerospace applications among other uses. People can complete rolling with hot and cold as well as hand and machine manipulation.

The reason so many people love this method of manufacturing is because the rings are seamless. It can produce flat products and those with different shaped cross sections. In addition, we have the ability to match your precise specifications and needs. The parts have great strength and constant curves. A final benefit is the minimal waste. As a result the process is very green, regardless of the type of metal.

To make the most of our excellent services, contact Multiform today. We offer various forms of manipulation including tube ring rolling, bending, swaging and more. If you are in need of more information, we would be happy to provide you with this.