The reasons why we use copper tubes for water systems

Tube reduction is one of the techniques we use to alter our clients’ tubing. It is not unlike tapering, where you reduce the size of the tube towards the end section. People like this technique because it can cater for all kinds of uses. To put it simply, this is a versatile practice.

Copper tubes are some of the most common variants in water systems in both Europe and the United States. The metal is recyclable and durable. In other words, using the tubes for these arrangements won’t expend the stocks of the material. Copper also has less of an impact on the environment than others do. An example would be PVC. It is true that these water tubes are typically expensive. However, their durability makes them a wonderful long-term investment.

Lightweight and malleable

These tubes are highly malleable and lightweight too. Because of this, plumbers have an easy time working with them. It is also simpler to customise and fit them whilst on site. They don’t need that many tools to fit them either. Simple solders may be all that is necessary.


In places with a neutral pH water level, copper tubes are able to withstand corrosion. They do so by creating a thin protective coating inside the tube. In addition, they preserve their structural integrity. This results in a tube with a smaller diameter that has consistent water flow.

Thin walls and low costs

Thinner walls are necessary with copper tubes as well, more so than other types. This can help to keep costs to a minimum.


These tubes do a brilliant job at conducting heat too. As a result, it will help with keeping temperatures consistent. This is also more efficient for heating systems.

tube reductionAt Multiform Tubes, we perform tube reduction using one of two machines. They are hydraulic end formers and rotary reducing mechanisms. With the former, you can achieve greater diameters. By using the latter, you won’t lose integral strength. In addition, you are free to reduce tubes made of different substances together.

If you want to learn more, feel free to contact us anytime. You can also find details on our website and images of tubes we have reduced.