Tube sheet preparation is vital for expansion

We are a business that specialises in providing customers a wide variety of services to alter tubing. One of our most useful would be tube expansion. With it, your tubes will be able to take on a wider assortment of tasks. In addition, we can give them a leak proof and snug fit onto other instruments.


One of the essential steps with the expansion technique is to prepare the tube sheet. The plates’ size fluctuates from 12.5mm to 25mm. This depends on the chiller’s capacity as well as its size. Usually, the chiller with the least capacity possesses a plate that has a low thickness and vice versa.

The tube plate preparation begins at the plate cutting facility. Here, you cut the plate into the right shape using a special appliance. Once it is the right size, you need to use small hooks to weld them. These assist with lifting the sheet. Then, the plates go off for cleaning. Here any foreign particles on the surface are taken care of. Examples of these include grease and oil. When everything is clean, the plates go to get drilled and deburred.

The drilling process

Typically, the drilling procedure uses a delta drill. This is actually slightly smaller in size than the hole you have to drill. For instance, with copper tube that is 16.25mm in size, you would drill a delta drill of 16.00mm. After you finish the delta drilling process, you create a groove in the hole. This aids the tube in sitting firm within it.

tube expansion

At Multiform Tubes, we supply our clients with a versatile way of obtaining a tight fitting joint. We are capable of doing this because of our talent in tube expansion. Our team members can use their vast knowledge and skills to take on any job that comes their way. This includes complex as well as precise needs.

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