The right ways to unclog a sink

Tube drillingWe are a specialist establishment focusing on the alteration of tubes. Our team of technicians has a wealth of experience and top skills. We have been offering assistance to countless clients for years. With tube drilling for example, we save them time and money by providing precise, clean holes on the tubing.

People use tubes in many different applications. A lot of them exist within our own homes. This includes being part of a sink. What we want to discuss is looking after the tube here by going over how to properly clear a clogged sink. You don’t want to damage the tube or you could have a huge problem, so read on to learn more.

No time for maintenance

The majority of homeowners avoid thinking about sink maintenance. This is until things go wrong. Sadly, bathroom and kitchen sinks tend to be completely or at least partly obstructed at some stage. Most back-ups come from the trap. This is the u-shape tube beneath the fixture. Even if the trap is necessary to prevent sewer gases leaking into your property, it can cause headaches.

If your house does not have freely flowing water, don’t jump straight on the phone to the plumber. Many issues are not hard to rectify. It will also save you money if you can take care of it yourself.

Hot water

Make sure that you flush a slow draining kitchen sink using hot water. Food residue can cause grease to build up in drainage tubes. This is particularly true if you have a garbage disposal. You may suspect that sludge is lining the plumbing. If so, pour a big pan of boiling water and roughly a tablespoon of dish soap into the drain. This water should help to remove the grease. It should dissolve enough for the sink to unclog.

No caustic chemicals

Think twice before using caustic chemicals too. Numerous homeowners reach for their drain cleaner the moment they find a problem with the sink. However, such products can harm older metal tubes.

We have not even talked about the personal harm yet either. Chemical splashes are a big risk as they can cause eye and skin burns. So, if you are thinking of using a commercial drain cleaner, look at using a biodegradable brand. They may not work as rapidly, but they will keep your tubes safe. If you require our tube drilling services, please let the team know.

Reaching into the tube

Finally, avoid jamming the auger deeper into your drain. Should you hit a blockage, avoid pounding at the clog forcefully. Such motion can harm the tubing and trap connectors.

Everyone receives a professional tube drilling solution

At Multiform Tubes Engineering Ltd, we use the best equipment to make certain every client receives a professional service. This is what makes our tube services stand out. Moreover, since we use clamps, the tubing does not bend or turn while we are working. That protects the surface quality.

So, feel free to contact us if you believe our services would be useful to you. We are happy to tell you more about our tube drilling capabilities and other areas of expertise. You can select a unique service package to suit your needs.