Aluminium tubes are superior to copper for air conditioning and refrigeration

We have spent years as one of the UK’s foremost specialists in tubing. Our expertise includes altering the tube to suit the client’s needs. To do it, we use techniques like tube ring rolling. This is what we use when we need to bend tubes into rings, curves or coils. Because of our expertise, we will be able to give you the most versatile components.

Aluminium surpasses copper

In the past, systems manufacturers made use of copper in automotive heat transfer tubing. This was prior to aluminium’s introduction. But in time they found the newer material to be a far superior once. As a result, today it is the go to for heat exchangers. Refrigeration and HVAC systems are not identical. That being said, aluminium has replaced copper tubing for a lot of the same reasons.

The advantages

Tube ring rollingLet’s dive more into why aluminium is the material of choice for tube in HVAC systems. In short, it is less expensive than copper, and more abundant. In addition, it is recyclable.

You will also acquire a lighter heat exchanger when using aluminium for fins as well as tubes. This is if you compare to aluminium fin and copper tube.

With an all-aluminium system, there is a better galvanic balance of your materials too. This leads to less heat transfer performance degradation and superb corrosion resistance.

Many people are also familiar with how copper conducts heat so easily. It is the case that aluminium’s conductivity is half of it. Yet, with heat exchangers, the difference here is negligible. The reason is that the performance is commanded by the airside interference conductivity. So, the proper performance difference with aluminium and copper exchangers is limited. Please let us know if you require our tube ring rolling service.

Formicary corrosion

There is one last essential point that works in aluminium’s favour; it has immunity to formicary corrosion. This is the result of a chemical reaction that needs an organic acid, water, and oxygen. It needs to be induced by common lubricating oils too. This is a form of premature failure with air conditioning units and their copper. It is an issue that has persisted with this type of tubes in refrigeration and HVAC applications.

Formicary corrosion only happens with copper-based alloys. Thus, substituting the metal for aluminium will provide a double benefit. There is lower warranty costs and initial raw material costs.

Work with our expert team when you need tube ring rolling

At Multiform Tubes Engineering Ltd it is our job to supply high calibre items and the best customer service for great rates. We have all the skills to create specialist tubing and can perform adaptations in many ways. This includes cold and hot work. We also utilise machine and hand manipulation.

So, if you want to work with us, please don’t hesitate to contact our team. You can ask us about services, including tube ring rolling for aluminium and other metals. We can even combine techniques if you need very complex tubes.