The trouble with dissimilar metals

Tube ring rollingOurs is a business with years of experience in the tubing industry. We can use our expertise and talents to provide first rate results with every service we offer. Tube ring rolling is one such option. The technicians here use it to create products with constant curves. It works even with the strongest metals such as titanium and aluminium.

Since we work with metal products, a subject we believe you should look at is dissimilar metals. Have you ever wondered why steel wool rusts when you leave it on a stainless steel sink? This is an example of what occurs when dissimilar metals come in contact with one another. It pays to understand it. The knowledge will help you to avoid the combinations that cause corrosion.

What are these metals?

Let’s start by getting a better understanding of what these metals are. Each metal will have its own attributes. One vital distinction is the nobility. This is how resistant they are to corrosion.

Noble metals tend to be stingier with the electrons. However, it is easier for base metals to give them away. The ease at which this happens is what decides its position on the galvanic scale. If you combine materials with very different nobility, it can result in corrosion.

Galvanic corrosion

The most crucial form of corrosion with dissimilar metals is galvanic. This occurs when the substances rub against each other in grimy or wet settings. It functions like this:

Say that you are using aluminium and stainless steel. The steel has more nobility and does a better job of holding onto its electrons. In addition, it can naturally snatch them from aluminium at every given opportunity. It is the electrolyte that makes stealing electrons simple for the steel. Once the trio unites, it turns into a corroded chunk of aluminium.

The environment

Finally, it is possible for the environment to enhance corrosion between dissimilar metals. For example, a standard electrolyte, water, can fire up the reaction between the substances. For this reason, galvanic corrosion gets worse in humid or moist settings. Grime and bacteria can function as instigators as well.

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