The world of titanium tubes is incredibly varied

Tube swagingWe work hard to provide a full range of specialist tubing services to give clients high quality, bespoke products. Tube swaging is one service we excel at. This is a process that consists of inserting a die into a tube. A hammer action can then adapt the internal diameter of the section to suit your needs.

Titanium tubing has superb mechanical properties, strength, and is lightweight. It has extensive use in heat exchanger equipment, like conveying pipes and coil tube heat exchangers. Many companies in the nuclear power industry choose these tubes as standard utensils for their units. In this post, we will be going over several kinds of the tubes, as well as their purposes.

Galvanised welded titanium tubes

Firstly, there is tubing for low pressure fluid transportation. These are hot-dip galvanised welded titanium utensils that can move warm water, steam, oil, gas, and more.

Common carbon titanium wire sleeves

These tubes have many uses in civil and industrial structures. However, people also use them in a number of electrical equipment projects. These are ones for the maintenance of wires.

Titanium tube with a longitudinal ERW (Electric Resistance Weld)

This is a tube possessing a weld line that is parallel to the tube’s longitudinal direction. You can separate them into transformer cooling oil tube, welding thin wall tube, metric welding titanium tube, and others. Please let us know if you need stellar tube swaging services.

Submerged arch welded titanium tubes

These tubes have spiral seams for moving pressurised fluid. They use hot-rolled titanium strip coil as the tube blank. Manufacturers often form them using a warm spiral that is welded using the double submerged arc welding method.

These tubes are great for pressure fluid transportation because they have a strong pressure capacity. Moreover, they are reliable and safe, and have decent welding performance. The titanium tubing has high transport efficiency as well as a big diameter too.

Spiral welded seam titanium tubing for pile

This form of titanium tubing is made of a hot-rolled titanium strip, which is a tube blank. Manufacturers usually shape the tubes spirally at room temperature. You make these tubes using high-frequency welding or double submerged arc welding. Their uses include root piles in bridges, docks, and the like.

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