Why do industries love brass tubing so much?

Our team of technicians work hard to deliver the best tubing services to clients. Due to the training they have and their experience, we can offer you first rate services. This includes tube drilling as well as bending and much more. They come in handy for a wide array of applications, making them worth the investment.

What is brass?

Tube drillingBrass, which is an alloy of zinc and copper, is famous for a collection of handy properties. This includes tarnish resistance and malleability. It may not possess the popularity of its older brother bronze, but despite that it has made a name for itself after aiding all kinds of industries. For example, it is great for distribution and service, as well as transportation and manufacturing. These days, you can find the alloy in all sorts of forms too. Examples include ornamental pieces, bars, and sheets.

Among brass’ multitude of forms, the one thing that we see very often is tubing. Brass tubes are a huge favourite in our industries due to them being sturdy in construction. They are easy to install, possess an elegant finish, and are corrosion resistant. Moreover, brass tubing inherits the antimicrobial attributes of copper. This makes them some of the most sought after tubes for a variety of projects.

A difference between tubes and pipes

Before we go any further, we must stress that there is a distinction between tubes and pipes. This is a difference anyone considering employing a hollow cylindrical section for their work needs to know. Pipes and tubes may appear to be the same. However, the truth is that they have separate purposes. The pipe is meant to move something, like fluid or gas. As for tubing, they are better as supports in construction or as architectural pieces. Contact us if you need high calibre tube drilling services.

Thanks to its outstanding characteristics, brass is able to fulfil both purposes. People even prefer the metal for sanitary fittings and water systems. This is because of the antimicrobial properties. Since it is resistant to corrosion too, and has durability, expect it to endure long exposure to water. It is the same for corrosive fluids. In tube form, it can offer you aesthetic appeal and strength too. Such a union is one other metals struggle to match.


One other fact about brass tubing is that it is a decent material for lighting fixtures and furniture. There is a lovely sheen to it. Also, there is a gold-like aesthetic that comes with a transformative effect. To take full advantage of the antibacterial characteristics, you can use the tubes for rails, handles, and the like.

Contact us for tube drilling for any kind of tubes

At Multiform Tubes Engineering Ltd, we use our skills to support clients with any application. We can drill holes to suit all needs, including working with different types of brass and more. With our help, assembly and installation will be easier because there will be clean, precise holes where you need them.

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