Thin wall mild steel tubing’s uses and benefits

Thin wall mild steel tubing is suitable for all kinds of jobs. It is lightweight but strong and durable. As a result, it is a great choice for applications demanding flexibility and strength. You can also adapt it using techniques like tube ring rolling. What we want to do here is talk about the primary uses of the tubes and the benefits.

Automotive applications

Tube ring rollingOne recurring use for the tubing is automotive applications. The strength and low weight make it an excellent pick for exhaust systems. It is the same for other components that have to be lightweight but capable of enduring high temperatures. Apart from exhaust systems, the other components you can create include fuel and brake lines. Also, you can employ the tube to manufacture roll cages. These work to protect drivers whenever a crash occurs.

Marine applications

The marine industry gets its fair share of use out of these tubes as well. It has become very popular here over the years. You can use it to produce boat hulls and similar structural components. Something else you can do with thin wall tubing is create various marine fittings. Examples of these are fishing rod holders and deck rails.


Thin wall steel tubing is usable when manufacturing furniture. You can utilise it for tables and chairs, bed frames, and much more. People love the industrial look it can offer. Plus, the low weight means you have furnishings that are sturdy but still easy to move.

Exercise equipment

You can make a decent variety of gear with metal tubing. It comes in handy for creating gymnastic objects and weightlifting bars. Another use would be the creation of bicycle frames.


Thin wall mild steel tubing frequently sees use as piping. It is useful for transporting oil, gas, and water. At times, it is utilised in the creation of electrical conduits. Contact us if you need tube ring rolling work doing.


Despite what the name may imply, thin wall mild steel tubing has many advantages over other materials. Let’s look at them next.

Increased strength-to-weight ratio

The tubing may have thin walls, but it is still very strong. Most importantly, you get this strength at the same time as saving on the weight. Due to the higher strength-to-weight ratio, you can use the tube in applications where weight is a critical feature. Aircraft construction comes to mind here.

Corrosion resistance

People know that normal steel can rust because of the iron content. Surprisingly, thin wall tubes can have a higher resistance. They get this due to the fact they are thinner and have less surface area.


Another impressive factor is the tube can be surprisingly durable. Thanks to the thinness, more deformation can happen before failure. Because of the increase in ductility, these tubes are excellent for applications needing flexibility.


Thin wall mild steel tubing is a cost effective option as well. The lower cost comes down to the fact you need less material to manufacture it. There can also be less waste and the whole process can require less energy.

We’re a versatile team that excels at tube ring rolling

At Multiform Tubes Engineering Ltd, we use different techniques to bend and adapt tube. Thanks to them, we can manufacture versatile components for many projects. Speaking of versatile, we can perform alterations in a myriad of ways, including hot and cold manipulation. As a result, we can work with a variety of metals as well as thin and thick wall tubing.

So, if you would like to use our tube ring rolling service or any other, contact our team. We’ll get you the parts you need for any project.