Maintaining stainless steel balustrades

Tube bending servicesOne object you can make using tubing and tube bending services is a balustrade. Whether in office buildings or at home, balustrades are very useful. They are a good investment for safety and can add another decorative element.

Coming with an anti-corrosive surface and easy to install, stainless steel balustrades are a great addition to interiors. They can make an already stunning area even more attractive. As opposed to wood, the steel does not tend to crack, flake, or chip with time. Saying this, you should not forego maintenance and cleaning. We have some advice on the topic we are going to share here.

Use mild cleaning agents

Firstly, you can don’t need to use harsh chemicals to clean them. They are capable of leaving spots after drying and can be dangerous to handle. Instead, grab a mild detergent or washing up liquid and dilute it with some water. Ensure you dust off your rails prior to wetting them. Then, dry them using a towel after you wash them.


Next, you should remove stains and scratches. For scrubbing rails and dealing with annoying stains, grab a soft scrubber. Repeat rubbing in the same direction so you don’t make crossroad scratches. For wiping down the handles, use a soft cloth.


Even with normal care, the balustrades can be vulnerable to rough scratches. They are hard to remove. So, you should think about obtaining a cleaner made specifically for disposing of tough marks and stains. When polishing your surface using one, ensure you rinse it. Then, use a dry towel for wiping. Adhere to the instructions on your cleaning product. Talk to us if you need stellar tube bending services.

Remove the rust

Stainless steel has great corrosion resistance. However, a number of things can cause it, including airborne pollutants. A major cause is the metal absorbing dust and moisture over time. To stop moisture from seeping into your balustrades, use a wax to coat it.

Things to avoid

Don’t use any rough or harsh products here. You will want to stop your handrails from developing stains, scratches, and rust whenever possible. Saying this, you are better off not using things like metal scourers, silver and brass cleaners, or abrasive powders. Avoid hydrochloric acids, steel wool, and sandpaper too. Instead, use gentle cleaning products whilst preserving your surfaces.

Abrasive cleaners are the most important thing to avoid because they cause scratching. Let’s say you have balustrades that are highly mirrored or polished. Scratches will be far more visible on them than on duller materials. As a result, you need to take extra care to avoid anything abrasive.

Forgetting to rinse the exterior is another mistake to avoid. Wet surfaces are an excellent breeding ground for bacteria and mould. They can also lead to rust. What you should do is wipe down dirty or gritty water to stop staining on your finish. When you wash exterior fixtures, use the garden hose on them and wipe them down after.

Using chlorine cleaners is another thing to avoid. Metal and chlorine never work well together. Many building or homeowners who have stainless steel staircases allow corrosive attacks to happen. Chlorine usually penetrates the protective chromium oxide layer. Thoroughly rinsing an area might not dispose of all stains, but you should not use bleach.

We offer versatile tube bending services

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