Think about springback when you are rolling rings

When you work with tubing as often as we do, you learn what it takes to deliver the best results. The one variable we keep a very close eye on is springback. Failing to account for it can mean a final product is wrong. It can also mean spending more time on reprocessing. The best option, whether it is tube ring rolling or standard bending, is to get it right first time.

Why does it happen?

Before you can plan for it, you need to know why springback actually happens. The science is that when you bend a tube, one side of the bend is stretching while the other is compressing. What this does is mean that the molecular density inside is greater. When you release the bending pressure, the material will try to return to a flat position.

What do you need to do?

Tube ring rollingThe thing to keep in mind is that the material itself will have an elastic zone. You could bend a sheet or tube of metal to this point but when you release the pressure it will spring back and probably not have any permanent deformation. What you need to do is bend beyond this to the yield point. When you pass it, permanent deformation will occur. However, there will still be some level of springback.

The best thing to do is plan for how much the tubing will move once you release the bending pressure. This is why manufacturers bend to a bending angle that is larger than the bent angle needs to be. The extra is to account for the spring, meaning that the tube will come back down to the actual bent angle when the pressure is released.

This is even more important with tube ring rolling because it needs to curve continuously. An issue with too much springback at any point could ruin the shape and mean the ends can’t join to create a full ring.

The solution is to account for the amount of spring there will be in the tubing due to the metal and the wall thickness. In addition, it is crucial to choose the right tooling.

Talk to us about tube ring rolling

Multiform Tubes Ltd is one of the leading tube bending experts in the UK. We can offer professional services to suit a wide array of needs. This can include working with different types of metal tubing. Whatever the project, we always value precision and the quality of the finish.

So, if you need tube ring rolling for any reason and want to avoid worries about springback and other issues, talk to us. We can provide exactly what you need.