Deburring after tube drilling

There are many reasons why someone may want to drill a hole in a piece of tubing. It could be to create a specific product like a heat exchanger or silencer. Or, it may be simply to mount a section of tube to create something like a handrail. Sometimes tubes need to be held in place so they can’t move around. This is common with plumbing. In any case, accuracy is very important with tube drilling.

The main focus when you drill a hole should be to get it precisely where it needs to be. If it isn’t, it won’t be able to attach to a fitting, mount, or other component. This could ruin the tube and result in big waste. Luckily, Multiform Tubes Ltd can take care of this. We can handle the drilling for various types of tubing and set very high standards.


Tube drillingWhile we always focus on accuracy, our job does not end there. As well as monitoring the placement of holes, we take the time to make sure each one is clean and ready to go. We don’t want to send products to our clients where they will wonder why the edge of each hole is ragged and unfinished. To avoid this, we always deburr after drilling.

Deburring offers a number of clear benefits, especially when it comes to tube drilling. While you may think a poor edge is not a concern, it can actually be a big one. Even a small piece of sharp metal here can be dangerous. It could also prevent the formation of a strong seal or joint. In turn that may result in an issue when it comes to assembling a final product or mounting the tube.

The great thing about deburring is it can prepare the holes so there are no issues. This can save a great deal of time once the tubes arrive on site ready to install or assemble. Professional drilling also protects the surface, avoiding issues such as scratches from filing or marks from where a drill has drifted.

Expert tube drilling for any needs

Multiform Tubes Ltd works hard to offer a one stop shop for tube manipulation and finishing. We support clients in various industries and work with metals from copper to steel and aluminium. Our team have skills in many areas, from bending to end forming. They also offer precise holes every time they work on a piece of tube.

So clients with various projects in mind can rely on us. We can offer tube drilling for pipes that will carry liquids, ensuring the holes are clean so there will be no risk of leaks. Plus, we can add precise holes for any tube that will be part of a larger item.

If you need any help at all, contact us.