Three things that can affect the quality of a bend

Quality is vital when it comes to tube bending services. The products need to be accurate and without flaws. That way they will be fit for purpose and satisfy the client’s needs. At Multiform Tubes Ltd, we excel at adapting tube. As a result we can offer consistent high quality services to suit a huge array of applications.

Three issues

A number of things can affect the quality of a bend when you are working with tubing. However, there are three main ones that can occur during the bending process. We want to take a closer look at them so you know what to be careful of.


Tube bending servicesThis is the biggest issue. Naturally when you bend a metal tube there will be some form of springback after you release the bending pressure. This occurs because the tube will want to return back to its original shape. Generally, the harder and heavier the metal, the more it will spring. Manufacturers must account for this and the radial growth it causes.


During bending, the OD of the tube will stretch. As it does, the wall will become thinner. The tubing will resist this and could distort or cave in entirely. The elongation of the OD can also compress the ID, resulting in wrinkles in the bend. Both are issues you definitely don’t want.


While you can choose seamless tubing, most people will opt for a tube with a seam. It is generally the most cost effective option and modern processes mean the welds can be strong and very durable. However, during bending it is important to consider the seam. If it is inconsistent or misaligned it can cause issues. This could include wrinkling or even rupture the tube.

Tube bending services

The great thing about working with Multiform Tubes Ltd is we know all about the potential issues. As a result, we can adapt our service to overcome them. Our team are experts and have access to the best resources. That means we always deliver a great service.

So, if you want to choose reliable tube bending services where there won’t be issues with seams, springback, or elongation, contact us. We work with a variety of different metals and have the skills to work with clients in all kinds of industries.