Three different options for bending tubes

Tube manipulationThe great thing about metal tubes is you can adapt them to suit an ever increasing range of applications. All it takes is the right equipment and a skilful expert. Multiform Tubes Ltd has both of these. As a result, we are the top name for tube manipulation in the UK. Whatever your needs, you can rely on us to exceed your expectations.

The most common form of manipulation is bending. It is possible to bend a straight piece of tube to create a curve, an angle, or even a piece with several different bend radii. There are three main ways to adapt the tubing so you need to select the right one.


This is the simplest form and is generally as straightforward as manually bending a tube around a former. There are lots of hand tools you can use for this. The trouble is it is only really useful for small changes to soft metal or thin wall pipes. It is tough to be accurate and if you need to create a complex component, it is not a good option.


Most bending will actually be this method. It involves using a machine to clamp the tube to the former and then rotating both. The tooling must be specific to suit the dimensions of the tube and the bend radii. This process is suitable for harder metals and thicker walls. It also overcomes some of the issues with wall collapsing and inaccuracy. In some cases it is necessary to use a mandrel to support the tube.


When you need gentle curves, it is generally easier to adapt the tube by running it through a rolling machine. Here there are rollers that can be set up to make the piece concave. The machinist can increase the roller pressure to make the bend deeper. Again this process is suitable for various types of metal tubing as well as many different wall thicknesses.

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At Multiform Tubes Ltd, our goal is to be able to cater for any kind of requirement. To do this, we have a skilful team that is constantly learning and expanding their knowledge. Then, we add some of the very best equipment and regularly invest in new tooling. That means we are right at the head of our industry.

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