Tips for choosing tube end forming tooling

There are several different options for adapting the ends of tubing. For example you could opt for tube reduction, expansion, flaring, tapering, beading, and more. The one you choose will largely depend on what you want to use the tube for. The aesthetics may also come into play. Whatever the goal, Multiform Tubes Engineering Ltd can help. We are one of the UK’s leading tubing experts so we can cater for most needs.

Tooling options

Tube reductionThere are lots of different choices for tooling. Largely it will depend on what specific process you are using. For example, for tube reduction you will likely use a choice of ram forming, rotary forming, segmented forming, roll forming, or spinning tools. They need to be the right size to suit the tubes and achieve the reduction you want.

Of these processes ram forming is one of the most popular. Here the tooling will involve one or more form tools or punches. A clamp will hold the section of tube in place so it does not move. Then the tool will fit over the end, ramming it into place. This is a useful technique because it can reduce the whole circumference of a section of tubing.

Another option is to use segmented end forming. Here the main tooling is dies with different segments. You insert the die into the end of a tube and the expanding fingers will open to compress the inner wall of the tube. The advantage here is the segments can open as much or as little as you want, to the maximum diameter.

Make sure they will match up

One of the most important things when you choose tooling for tube reduction is to ensure you keep the specs in mind. If you are using end forming to allow tubes to fit together into a larger assembly, you have to prioritise this. To do that you need to make sure that the tooling will allow the ends to mate properly. The last thing you want is to finish the end forming only to find that the tools did not adapt the male or female end properly.


You also need to think about the materials when you choose tooling. The tubes could be a soft metal like copper or a harder substance like high carbon steel. You may need to change tooling to accommodate the differences in physical properties, especially the amount of deformation.

Talk to us about tube reduction services

Multiform Tubes Engineering Ltd is a skilful business with years of experience. We have access to a huge array of high quality tooling. As a result, we can offer solutions for most needs, including different types of end forming.

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