Tube expansion lubrication tips

Metal tubing is useful for lots of different applications, from pipelines to furniture and vehicles. This is possible because the materials can offer excellent characteristics. For example, steel tubes are strong and sturdy but weigh less than materials like concrete. On top of this, it is possible to adapt tubes in various ways to suit the final needs. This can include tube expansion and more. Multiform Tubes Engineering Ltd can offer a full range of services here.

Using expansion techniques

There are a number of ways to expand tubes to make the inner diameter larger without affecting the outer one. These include rotary swaging processes and using tube expanders. Whatever you choose, it is important to utilise the right tools. Without them you won’t be able to get the expansion you want. Plus, you could potentially cause damage to the tube. That could lead to issue such as affecting the shape, reducing the wall thickness too much, or even leaks and weak joints.

The importance of lubrication

Tube expansionWhile selecting the right tools is vital, it is just as important to use them correctly. If you don’t it could once again cause damage to the tubing or issues like leaks. In addition, it could damage the tools too. This might be a costly mistake, especially if it means you have to replace expensive tooling earlier than is typically necessary.

One thing to do to maintain tool life and performance is to use the correct lubrication. This helps to keep things like tube expanders free from debris and can reduce the wear, tear and heat from friction. You will therefore get much more use out of each tool and can enjoy better results.

Generally there are two options for lubricant here – liquid and paste. The first is typically the best choice for stainless steel and titanium tubing. This is because it usually has low sulfur content. Paste is often preferred for copper and brass. It is also useful because it does not flow and drip as much as liquid does.

Work with us for great tube expansion solutions

Multiform Tubes Engineering Ltd has a reputation for offering excellent services. It takes a lot to achieve this. Firstly we need the right experience and knowledge. Luckily, we have been in the industry for years, have a skilful team, and have had the pleasure to work with clients in different industries. In addition, we have the best tooling and prioritise quality with our customer service and delivery.

So, if you want a UK leading tube expansion service, speak to us. We can handle tubing for various applications and always achieve consistent alterations. You can even ask us for advice if you are trying something new.