Troublesome bend configurations

Multiform Tubes provides a range of tube bending services expansive enough to meet all kinds of needs. This is one of the main reasons why people prefer this service over others. Another would be that we create high quality products. Whatever your reason for choosing us, we’ll make sure you receive suitable tubing.

When bending tubes, there are bend configurations that can cause issues. It doesn’t matter if you select standard tube dimensions and bend radii. You might have even kept a set amount of distinct bend sizes. This can usually lead to higher costs for you.

Normally, there’s a way you can create the majority of tube designs. However, there are some that are more complex than you realise. In these instances, you’ll only be able to produce your tube in sections. It’ll then need to be joined together.


It would take a lot of space to list each potentially problematic configuration here. One possibility though is knots. There could be a loop which the tube then passes through in some manner. If there is, you probably won’t be able to produce it on a regular bending apparatus. Sometimes, you can manufacture something like this on a hand bending jig in a single piece. However, you are going to face tooling costs.

Large obtuse and reflex angles

Another possibility is bends near and exceeding 180°, and tight coils on rigid materials. Imagine for a moment that you want to bend your tube into a particular shape. The Greek letter a is a good example. One leg of the tube could cross over the other. This can be tough to manufacture.

However, there are ways of getting your bending mechanism to bend your tube back on itself, and further afterwards. The issue is that your tube shall then foul itself on a part of the machine’s superstructure. If the tube diameter is small enough, there will be enough flexibility for the tube to avoid the fouling.

At Multiform Tubes, we use the most advanced machinery to offer quality tube bending services. With the equipment, it’s easier for us to be accurate with our bend configurations. Our team is also on hand at all times to supply advice when people request it.

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