How are stainless steel grades 304 and 316 different?

Tube ring rolling is one of the many specialist services we’re known for providing. With it, we bend tubes and transform them into rings or spirals. The technique permits us to create versatile tubing that is useful for all kinds of applications. In addition, we can perform it in a myriad of ways. This includes using hand as well as machine manipulation.

When choosing stainless steel utensils that need to endure corrosive settings, people tend to go with austenitic varieties. They have outstanding mechanical attributes. Moreover, the high volume of chromium and nickel ensures high corrosion resistance. Austenitic steels have a reputation for being formable and weldable too.

There are two common grades of austenitic steel; 304 and 316. There are differences between the two, so we’re going to discuss them here.

Grade 304

This is the most common of the austenitic steels. It has high nickel content, which is usually between 8 and 10.5% by weight. There’s also a high level of chromium. This is roughly at 18 to 20% by weight. Other critical alloying elements include carbon, silicon, and also manganese. What’s left of the chemical composition is mainly iron. The massive quantities of nickel and chromium give grade 304 wonderful corrosion resistance.

Grade 316

Like 304, this grade has high levels of nickel and chromium. It has carbon, manganese, and silicon as well. One of the major distinctions between the two is the chemical composition. Grade 316 has a substantial amount of molybdenum. Normally, there’s 2 to 3% by weight. As a result this type of steel has even higher corrosion resistance.

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