Tube end reduction is useful for decorative and functional needs

Tube end reduction (also known as tapering) is utilised for decorative and functional requirements. It allows the ends of a piece of tubing to be adapted in a number of ways, including reducing the diameter to create a tapered finish. The process takes care and precision but allows the tubes to be used for a wider array of applications. These include allowing individual pieces of tube to be fitted together to create a larger system. By slotting them together it reduces the risk of leaks.

There are two ways of reducing the end of a piece of tubing; using a static forming die or a rotary one. The former offers benefits in that it can be utilised on a wider range of tubing diameters. The latter allows hot or cold forming, meaning it is great for larger wall thicknesses. On top of this rotary forming can retain the graining of the metal; a very important factor when aesthetics are crucial.

When deciding what method to use to reduce the end of a piece of tubing it is important to consider the dimensions of the tubing you are using. This will help you to select the right technique and ensure the finished products meet your requirements. You should also consider the costs involved with the process to ensure you get the right value for money.

At Multiform Tubes we have a great deal of experience with tube reduction. We provide both methods and have the skills to work with a wide array of tubing, including different dimensions, shapes and materials too. We are committed to offering the very best services we can, delivering products that are the highest quality and a service to match.

If you are considering end finishing we can offer support with product designs and help you to choose the right course of action. You can go over your ideas and requirements with us and we will offer recommendations and advice. We are proud to offer services across the UK and enjoy long standing relationships with numerous clients. They keep coming back to us because of the quality we offer and our expertise.