Top quality tubes made to your specifications

At Multiform Tubes we have been providing our clients with the most professional tube bending services to meet their various specifications for a number of years. We have a wealth of experience, a talented team and the right equipment to produce first rate products. We use a fine range of materials and are confident that we will meet your standards.

Clients utilize our bending services to create products such as railings, barriers, chair frames and a wide variety of other uses. The tubes are used in a variety of sectors including medical, heating and transportation. We use a broad range of materials, consisting of various steels, copper, aluminium, titanium and brass. When working with the materials we use the very latest machinery to ensure superior quality and accuracy, providing our clients with the optimum results.

In addition to tube bending, we offer a number of other services to help customers create the products they need. Our expansion service consists of using different methods to open the tube end, allowing it to be used for the quick assembly of equipment. This has several uses, including to create marine equipment and swimming pool heat pump assemblies. Reduction is where the tubing is reduced in size towards the end. This can be used to provide internal and external flush joints among other applications.

Our focus when conducting our work is attention to detail and precision to safeguard against faults and make sure our products are in prime condition. With our professionalism and commitment to our work, we have built up an impressive number of clients over the years that have provided positive feedback and have recommended us to others.

If you are in need of our services then we would love to hear from you. Please get in touch to discuss your needs with us; this will allow us the opportunity to learn about your requirements as well as offering advice about the products we can offer.