Tube expansion and its uses

Whenever a customer has a requirement for a special type of tube, we can provide them with the exact tube that they need for their job or project. We have a staggering array of services open for our customers to benefit from, from tube drilling to tube end forming. Two of our more common methods of manipulation are tube expansion and reduction. Tube expansion is used for a number of purposes, and an expanded tube is highly sought after in many industries, particularly for use as a component part.

Tube expansion consists of two methods used to expand either one end of a tube, or the entire tube. The first method is ram forming, which uses a tapered die. This acts as a mould for the tube, and is forced into the tube at a high pressure before it is retracted. This forces the end of the tube open, permanently enlarging it. The second method is through a hydraulic operated die, which is segmented in several places. This is placed into the tube and is then expanded to the customer’s specification, creating an expanded tube at the specific size that the customer needs.

Expanded tubes are commonly used as parts for machines, and are linked with smaller tubes to create a tighter assembly of parts. It can create a leakproof fit, something which makes this method particularly useful for parts used to transport liquids. Larger tubes may also be generally required for larger machines or parts, thus allowing people to benefit from receiving the exact tube that they need without having to worry that the size that they receive is insufficient.

Our customers can benefit from the fact that our highly trained engineers have access to the best possible equipment to carry out these procedures. We can create and modify tubes made out of a number of materials, including titanium and aluminium, bringing great benefit to our customers who require a number of different materials.