Tube manipulation is highly cost effective

One of the greatest things about metal tubes is the versatility. They are useful for a multitude of applications in their usual forms. You can then expand this even more by using techniques like tube manipulation and bending. Whether it is steel, titanium, brass, copper, or various other metals or alloys, you can create all kinds of products and components.

A major reason to choose manipulation is it is cost effective. Several factors combine to make it the best option for your wallet. We want to have a closer look at them here so you know why it is a great choice.


Tube manipulationFirstly, you can enjoy impressive savings because the techniques produce very little waste. This is also great for the environment. Most processes, whether it is bending, end forming, or ring rolling, don’t involve removing any material. Instead they adapt the tube using purely mechanical techniques. So, nothing is lost.

If you compare to cutting or welding, the amount of waste you save is impressive. Even the most efficient services here will remove some material. For example, if you cut a section of tube with a saw there will be chips and dust. There could also be offcuts.

Labour costs

Secondly, the tube manipulation is far less labour intensive. Modern equipment can do more than a team of dozens of engineers with a single operator. So, there can be big savings on the wage bill.

Production time

Modern machinery can also adapt tubes much faster than is possible with hand tools. As a result, the capacity will be bigger and production time will be lower. That can provide impressive cost savings and shorter lead times. Even if products have designs with complex bends, the equipment can handle them efficiently.

Another advantage in this regard is the machinery provides easy repeatability. Batches of parts can be very consistent. There are big time savings, particularly if you can avoid having to change tooling.

Do you want cost effective tube manipulation services?

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