How practical is stainless steel for automotive components?

Our tube ring rolling services might seem like they are only a small part of the business. However, they are actually among the most important. Using this technique, we can bend regular tubing into rings, loops and spirals. There is also another positive of this approach; it provides constant curves with even the toughest tubes.

Metal researchers and producers have explored automotive applications for stainless steel tubes. They did this to figure out possible advantages of using the material. The goal was to see how it would compare to aluminium as well as carbon steel.

Beneficial characteristics

Normally, the price for stainless steel is higher than carbon steel and aluminium. As a result, you may not initially see it as a cost effective option. This is not strictly true though.

What you must do here is consider the impressive strength-to-weight ratio. You might be able to substitute lighter, thinner-gauge stainless steel. You could use a high-strength aluminium alloy. One other possibility would be a thicker-gauge carbon steel. You can use these in automotive structural applications. However, stainless steel’s higher durability could turn it into a cost efficient option because of the longer life cycle.

Cost effectiveness and weight savings

There is one way you can achieve the most cost effective use of the material. At the

same time, you can gain the biggest weight savings. You need to account for the stainless steel’s properties in the initial design. You should adapt the shape of certain automotive elements and how you fabricate them. This will allow you to take advantage of the weight reduction potential stainless steel has.

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