Which metals are the marine grades?

We are a company that provides everyone with a comprehensive collection of tube manipulation services. This includes tube drilling. The thing about this particular offering is that it can save you a lot of hassle and time. It allows you to get the results you’re seeking quickly and also with minimal effort.

Sometimes, you may need to expose your metal tubes to wet or underwater environments. There’s a way to prevent the material from failing under these conditions. You have to use marine grade metals. To count as marine grade, your substance has to endure the corrosive effects related to water habitats. To achieve this, we add distinct alloying elements to the grades. Many different metals will have a grade that is suitable for use in these environments.

Stainless steel

The great thing about this kind of steel is that each grade has some amount of corrosion resistance. However, a number of grades are more appropriate for marine settings than others are. The most common one for these environments is 316. It has more molybdenum than other austenitic steels. This will reduce pitting, as well as salt water’s other corrosive effects.

Copper grades

A plethora of copper-nickel alloys are great for marine projects. An example would be C70600. This contains manganese and nickel to boost corrosion resistance. C71500 also has the ability to resist marine conditions. It has a similar makeup to C70600. The difference is that it has extra nickel.


This type of metal has silicon alloys such as C65500. They deal with marine settings better than other bronze grades do. Another common alloy for marine applications would be the C51000 phosphor bronze.

At Multiform Tubes, we use specialist tube drilling gear during all of our projects. This enables us to supply a professional cut with clamps. This way, your tube won’t bend or turn while we drill it, ensuring a clean hole and no damage to the surface.

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