Tube swaging can alter the shape of a tube

Tube swaging is a specialised process that alters the shape and diameter of tubes and other items. Swaging can be conducted as a hot working process, but we use the cold working process of rotary swaging. The method offers many advantages such as decreased production times, close tolerances and accurate results.

Tube swaging, like many other manipulation methods, is a net-shape forming process that means the end results are achieved by altering the shape of the material without cutting any of it away. By using rotary swaging, we are able to produce tubular products that not only have superior grain structures, but they also gain wall thickness along with an increased strength and resistance. The main aim of swaging is to produce tubes with concentric circular reductions at the ends or in the centre. However, if required, the process can be used to create octagonal or square sections inside the tube. This results in an altered internal shape or diameter whilst the exterior of the tube remains circular.

We provide tube bending, beading, ring rolling, reduction and end forming, among various other services. We have been supplying our trusted tube manipulation services to all manner of industries for a very long time and our loyal client base know they can depend on us to deliver the finest tubular products upon request. Our combined knowledge and experience means we are in a position to deliver the highest standard of service. We believe in customer care which is why we offer a cost-effective service that meets our clients’ deadlines every time.

We know that it is vital that your tubular products are produced with uncompromising precision. Tube manipulation applies to a multitude of industries, and our role is to manufacture and deliver a wide range of products to the many sectors that utilise our services. We work with a vast range of materials and our clients can feel confident they will receive products that perfectly match their specifications.

We are much more than a supplier of tubular parts. We believe strongly in offering full support throughout the process from design to delivery. Close attention and efficient engineering skills are the key to the consistent delivery of solutions to our clients, whether they require us to carry out tube swaging, bending or any other kind of tube manipulation services.