Drilling holes in tubing takes care and precision

Tube drilling can be a complex process because of the curved surface of the tube. Care and attention is needed to ensure that the hole is in the perfect position and is drilled cleanly. If the work is rushed, then there is a risk of the tube being damaged or of the hole being drilled inaccurately. Alongside our various tube manipulation and bending services, we offer expert tube drilling which we complete with the utmost attention to detail, ensuring that all holes are in the perfect position and are finished off as cleanly as possible.

The right equipment is a must to ensure that the tube drilling is completed to the highest standard. Firstly, a clamp is used to hold the tube in place while it is being drilled. This is essential because it prevents the tube from rolling when the pressure of the drill is applied. The tube will not be clamped too tightly, as this can warp the tube and cause flat sections.

Once the tube is clamped firmly into place, we meticulously measure where the holes are going to be drilled. Then a punch is used to create a slight dimple where the hole will go. This enables us to position the drill perfectly for maximum accuracy, and prevents it from slipping off the tube while the work is being done. Once the tube drilling has been completed, we ensure the holes are cleanly finished and free from jagged edges. All excess material needs to be removed carefully for the perfect finish.

We have a wealth of experience in tube drilling, bending and all aspects of manipulation and can complete the work to the highest standards for you. We can drill holes into all grades of tubing regardless of the thickness of the wall or the material. Whether it is straight or bent tube, we can provide the best finish you will find.