Tube swaging to create single part units

We are a team that strives to deliver the most consistent tubing to its customers. We use a range of techniques to ensure our products are perfect. This includes tube swaging. It is possible to use this manipulation method to create a huge collection of items. As a result we can work with a wide array of different clients.

One of the most common reasons clients choose us to swage tubes is because they are creating single part units. Here they need to fit several sections of tube together to make a product. This could be a railing, a shop fitting, or even a piece of furniture. Whatever the specs, it is important the tubing can fit together properly. Swaging is an easy way to do this.

How does tube swaging work?

Fitting different pieces of tube together may seem like a difficult task, especially when the diameter of the ends is the same. What you need to do is reduce it on one tube so that the pieces can slot together. We can do this efficiently, employing top quality equipment to do it.

If reducing the diameter of a tube is not possible, swaging offers an alternate route. Here you can expand the end of one piece of tube instead. Again this allows the pieces to slot together. The only thing to keep in mind here is there will be a section that is slightly larger than the diameter of the rest of the tube.

Professional services

tube swagingAt Multiform Tubes, we use tube swaging to help you obtain your ideal product. As a process of rotary swaging, we can use it to reduce the cross section of tubes. Moreover, we can change the shape of the inner tube and keep the outside circular.

We can even provide assembly for you and dispatch the final product so it is ready to go. We take great care with adapting tubes and assembling single piece units. As a result they should look perfect.

If we can aid you in any way, please get in touch with us.