Are your tubes fit for the job?

When it comes to tubing, there is no better company to call than our own. With years of experience in tube expansion, in addition to other techniques, we can meet the most remarkable of customer requirements. Whether you need them for barriers, heating, or furniture projects, we shall see to it that your tubes are fit for the job.

Stainless steel tubes on gas and oil stands can be useful for sensing and process instrumentation. Additionally, we have employed them for utility, chemical inhibition, impulse lines, and hydraulic line applications. This has all been over a massive array of pressure, flow, and temperature conditions. Regrettably, across the earth, users have witnessed the corrosion of 316 stainless steel tubes.

The types of corrosion to watch out for

There are two prevailing types of constrained corrosion. The first is crevice corrosion and the second is pitting. The latter is none too difficult to recognise but the former can be troublesome.

A multitude of elements can advance these forms of corrosion. An improper selection of alloys is a notable example, as are lousy installation practices. People have theorised that contemporary minimally alloyed 316 tubes might suffer from corrosion more promptly than the better alloyed variants from decades ago.

Preferably, tubing should possess the ability to combat each kind of corrosion. This includes galvanic, localised, general, sour gas and chloride-instigated stress cracking, and microbiological. Moreover, the tubing should come with suitable mechanical attributes, particularly when fluid pressures rise. Corrosion resistance comes into effect whenever fluids accommodate possibly corrosive molecules.

At Multiform Tubes, we use only the most dependable of materials to create our merchandise. In addition we only use reliable techniques such as our tube expansion. We also test our tubing extensively before they’re distributed to confirm that they meet the correct specifications.

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