Why is tubing popular for clothing racks?

Tubes come in numerous different sizes and shapes, and the sectors in which they find use are just as expansive. Since this is the case, we often find ourselves updating our tube bending services in order to fulfil our client’s specifications. Thanks to all of these opportunities, our skills have grown to a level where we can produce superb results with our tubing every time.

Shop fittings are one of the major uses when it comes to steel tubes, with the most common fittings being that of the clothing rack. Tubing is the perfect for creating them because the tubes are strong, durable, and, if treated right, will last. These same properties make them great for counters too.

In order to avoid rusting, many shop owners opt to go with stainless steel for their metal fittings. An alternative to this is choosing mild steel and then options to paint them. This can help them to really stand out and make the shop more aesthetically pleasing. It is vital the quality of the painted finish is right though.

If you are concerned about space, tubing can offer a number of advantages because it can be adapted in numerous ways. With it you can make two-tier clothing racks or more compact counters. This can result in great spatial savings whilst you still get to benefit from the properties of the tubes and the wonderful finishes.

Steel is fantastic for tubing there’s no doubt, but there are many alternatives if you’re thinking purely about aesthetics. Brass is a wonderful choice and offers an attractive gold-like appearance. If your clothing shop is one that’s looking to impress, shop fittings made from it can really stand out.

At Multiform Tubes, our tubing come in a plethora of materials, including both steel and brass. Our tube bending service allows us to create various shops fittings, satisfying your criteria effectively. We provide unbeatable quality and can cater for both small and large scale orders.

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