Heat exchangers and why copper is used for them

Many industries get their fair share of use out of bespoke tubes. Available in various materials, tubing can provide the perfect characteristics to suit a wide variety of applications. At Multiform we create these products, using a wide array of different materials and offering services like tube manipulation to ensure they are perfectly shaped.

Tubes are used for a multitude of heating applications, among which are the heat exchangers. Commonly coming in tubular form, these devices transfer heat between one or multiple fluids in order to achieve the aspired cooling or heating levels. Tubing a vital component of the heat exchangers and it must be made from the correct materials to deliver the required performance.

Copper is commonly used because it offers excellent properties, including durability and thermal efficiency. To begin with, the metal conducts heat supremely well. What is meant by this is that copper’s thermal conductivity abilities permit heat to pass through with haste. In addition to the thermal benefits, other characteristics include the likes of biological fouling and corrosion resistance, tensile and yield strength, a high melting point and easy fabrication.

This mix of attributes allows copper heat exchangers to be utilised within industrial complexes and HVAC systems. They can also be used as heat sinks for cooling televisions, computers and other electronic instruments. Copper is integrated into the bottom sections of expertly manufactured cookware as well, because the substance quickly conducts and distributes heat evenly.

At Multiform Tubes, we have tubes available in copper if you need them for your own heat exchangers or any other products where thermal conductivity is required. Just let us know how you would like your tubing to be shaped and we will create it to meet your exact requirements. We manipulate tubes in-house, trusting our experienced team and the quality equipment they are armed with to deliver the highest standards.

For the best tube manipulation services in the country, we are the people for you. You can contact us for additional information and to learn more about our expertise.