Tubing solutions for varied industrial sectors

We are an industry leading name when it comes to tube bending services, and a large and diversified supplier of tubular products. Our services are recognised throughout the UK as dependable and affordable and we take every step to maintain our reputation of excellence. First and foremost we believe in delivering a cost effective service that our clients repeatedly wish to utilise. Our core values reflect our determination to deliver the solutions our clients need at reasonable prices.

Our tubular products are available in a large range of shapes and sizes. No matter your requirements, we will deliver the right product for you at the right price. Tubes are utilised in worldwide applications and the lengthy list of industries that constantly need the benefits of tube manipulation reflect the importance of the trade. It is always important to engage the services of a highly respected and skilled company. This is the only way to be sure of a high quality service.

The different materials we use offer vast choice to our client base. The results are varying strengths and finishes which enable us to produce products that match the specifications of our clients. Additionally, the fact that we can manufacture our tubes in a variety of shapes such as square, oval and round ensures their capabilities of functioning in a wide range of applications.

One of the services we offer is tube reduction. This is not dissimilar to tube tapering, as the process involves the reduction of the size of the tube towards the end. More often than not, tube reduction will be executed on rotary reducing machines or hydraulic end formers. Rotary reduction ensures no diminished integral strength or interruption to grain structure. The components can be utilised in all temperatures which means they are ideal for heavy wall items. They also offer the capability of tube layering. This involves using several tubes in various materials to give extra strength to a structure. The major advantage of hydraulic end forming is that it can achieve greater diameters than rotary reducing.

We are proficient in every aspect of tube bending services and from bending and swaging to fabrication, ring rolling and expansion, we deliver the perfect products at affordable prices and always on schedule.