A comprehensive service to the commercial and domestic sectors

The metal forming industry serves many different sectors, and we are specialists in the many aspects of tube manipulation, including tube ring rolling, drilling, beading and more. Metal forming processes essentially involve the reshaping of materials and objects without reducing volume. The fact that the shape, size and diameter of a tube can be changed without cutting away any of the material ensures precise results and value for money. We enjoy professional relationships with a long list of different clients and we have spent many years developing our skills. We are now in a position to easily produce any tubular product.

The reputation we have is a result of our determination and dedication. We never had any intention of offering a limited service. The diversity of industries we have worked with over the years has dictated the development of our capabilities and knowledge. We can produce the tubes that match the needs of commercial and domestic clients and we never deliver anything less than highly accurate results.

Our expertise extends to every area of tube manipulation. Tube beading is an entirely effective way of forming a bead at the very end of a tube. Crimping the end of cylindrical tubes enables them to be used for the connection of hoses and insertion into other tubes. If you are facing a deadline and time is of the essence, we will implement ram forming as it is a speedier process and allows for multiple beads. Roll forming is a slower process, but it offers its own advantages such as holding tighter tolerances.

We always assess each situation to ascertain the appropriate process for each job. We offer advice and explanation of our processes and we ensure your individual needs are successfully met. The combined knowledge and experience of our team means you will always benefit from a first class service. Every method we implement is carried out with meticulous attention to detail and the highest regard for health and safety.

The varied sectors we regularly supply to include heating, fabrication, construction, furniture, transport and retail. Our products are available in a whole host of materials including titanium, brass and food grade stainless steel. Metal forming offers unlimited versatility and we are able to form all manner of products in many shapes and sizes. We also offer welded fabrication which means we can work with structural components and meet every specific requirement. If you require professional tube ring rolling, beading, or any other type of manipulation service, get in touch.