Understand the relationship between bending factors

We’re an establishment that’s known for its top tier tube bending services. Using our skills, we reshape tubes to suit different purposes. We have a wealth of knowledge, ensuring we can work effectively with various materials. Our team has also assisted clients belonging to all sorts of businesses. This makes them the best choice when it comes to meeting complex requirements.

It doesn’t matter what you’re bending your tubing for. In the end, the objective remains the same; you must produce smooth bends. This is when things start to get tricky. When you bend tubes, fibres at the exterior wall are in tension. It’s different for those fibres at the wall on the interior bend though. Instead they are in compression.

Due to this condition of tensile strength, there is elongation and thinning at the outside wall. Moreover, the compression stress leads to shortening and thickening of the inside walls. Inevitably, the bent section’s cross-section is flattened. In other words, the tube adopts a more oval shape. The goal here is to figure out how to reduce the effect.

Consider all the details

To fashion a first-rate bend, you need to think about various elements. This includes the centreline radius, wall thickness, and outside diameter. The type and quality of your material is important too. The relationship between these factors shall decide if you can carry out a bend. Additionally, it’ll determine whether you require a mandrel.

You must evaluate two significant relationships here. The first is the wall factor. This is the ratio between the material’s outer diameter and its wall thickness. The lower your wall factor, the simpler it shall be to make a bend.

The second thing to think about is the D of bend. This is the ratio between the bend’s centreline radius and the material’s outer diameter. For D of bends, you have to aim for larger numbers.

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