Overcoming potential tube manipulation defects

Our services include various forms of tube manipulation to meet your needs. You might not think that there is such a thing as a bad bend, but it can happen. It is commonly due to the equipment or the method used. You can avoid and reduce the likelihood of issues like this occurring by taking care.

Possible Problems

In some situations the tubes might have indentations left from the clamping die. This occurs when people use newer tools. To avoid this you should polish the surfaces of the clamp and try reducing the clamping force while still ensuring that the tube is secure in place.

There might also be scraping from the tube slipping during the bending. It will likely be a collection of longitudinal and short scratch marks on the surface. Longer marks mean that more slipping has taken place. You should try adjusting the clamp die so that it is closer to the bend die. This will increase the forces of the clamp die against the tube.

Thinning is a problem you can encounter when bending tubes. It relates to the bend centreline radius. When the radius is smaller, there is more stress on the tubing. As a result it causes more stretching and thinning. To reduce this you should work to reduce the tension on the outside bend radius. Typically this involves pushing the tube forward during bending. A simple method of this is pressure die assist. This will boost the pressure die forward during the bending.

Working with tubes involves placing a lot of stress on them. Sometimes, the cross-sectional shape of a tube cannot support the stress on the outside radius. In instances like this the tubing can flatten. The use of a larger bend centreline radius can reduce this stress.

Expert Work

The numerous jobs we have done at Multiform and our specialist industry knowledge help our work. We can provide leading services to our clients while overcoming common problems that can occur. If you require advice on tube manipulation services you should contact us as we would love to help you.