Why do different tube materials lead to corrosion?

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Items that last

Tube drillingEvery business, no matter the industry, wants their gear to last for the longest possible time. Saying this, there are industries where the environments mean a higher risk of wear and damage. This is particularly true for people with metal tubing.

The primary cause of tube failure and leaks is corrosion. You can link it to a host of causes. However, there is one recurring culprit that pops up often. Companies use differing substances in their infrastructure. This frequently causes corrosion. You may be curious how just having different materials can result in an issue like this. Read on if you wish to discover more or ask us about services like tube drilling.

Galvanic corrosion

The formal term here is galvanic corrosion. For this to happen, two different metals have to encounter an electrolyte. This can be salt or water. As the electrolyte moves through the tubing from a standard metal to a noble one, the first material becomes the weaker link. It starts corroding.

The problem here is that the corrosion can break the fittings and the tubes. This would happen even if you used copper tubes with a carbon steel fitting. The former is a noble metal while the latter is a base one. The electrolyte would most definitely eat away at your fitting. This would cause rust and leaks. There is even the possibility of contaminating the fluid in the tube.

Corrosion results in a myriad of issues and eventually forces businesses to temporarily cease production. They need to replace the tubes before they can restart. Both situations cost a lot of money. The question then becomes “how do you halt tube corrosion in the first place?”. The answer is quite simple; make sure that the tubes and fittings are made using the same materials.

Expert tube drilling solutions

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