Why do people use titanium for cycling applications?

With years of experience to draw on, our team is the best with various forms of tube manipulation. We have a particular talent for tube ring rolling work. By using this technique, we are able to create the best tubes and ensure that they meet all of your specifications. The services we offer are appropriate for numerous sectors too, including industrial and domestic.

Lower weight

Tube ring rollingManufacturers can use many different materials when they create tubing. Titanium is one of them. When you compare to steel, this material has half the density. If you use it for cycling applications, a part made from titanium shall weigh half as much as the steel equivalent. This is important as it can result in lighter frames.

However, it is important to note that titanium has half of the stiffness of steel. Therefore, the part is going to be half as stiff. To create components of equal stiffness, you will have to use twice the amount of material. The weight will then be equal.

Stiffness is not the only factor

This makes you wonder why people use titanium in the first place. It is because there is more at play here than just stiffness. Frame tubes are a wonderful example to use. The greater a tube’s diameter, the better the stiffness-to-weight ratio is going to be. Yet, with steel tubing, there are limits to be aware of. You are unable to make a frame tube with walls that are much thinner than 0.4mm. If you do try to go thinner it will be far too easy to dent. Braze-ons are simply going to rip out of the incredibly thin tube.

Solving the issues

There is a way to circumvent these issues; you need to use titanium. Since it possesses half the density of steel, you will be able to use a tube with the same weight and stiffness. This is if you double the wall thickness. However, you won’t need the walls to be so thick. This will enable you to use tubes with bigger diameters.

Titanium bicycle frames are both a tad more flexible and lighter than steel ones. Particularly for more compact products that tend to be too stiff for riders, this can lead to a frame that performs better.

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At Multiform Tubes Engineering Ltd, our skill with tube manipulation is unbeatable. The team is more than capable of working with various metals. This includes titanium, steel, copper, brass, and more. We create versatile tubing here that can suit many needs. However, we do it for very affordable prices. So, rest assured that there are solutions to suit every budget.

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