Why do performance vehicles use aluminium header tubes?

Car enthusiasts and performance aficionados want to get as much efficiency and power from their engines as possible. The header tube is one vital component that can massively impact these elements. What we’re going to do is provide a deep dive of them. In particular, we’ll explore aluminium ones to cover their function and benefits. Then, if you need services like tube manipulation, we can help.

How does the header tube work?

Tube manipulationFound at the start of the exhaust system, the header tubes work as the initial conduit for exhaust gases leaving the engine. The primary use of a header tube is to properly channel exhaust gases away from the engine cylinders. A well-crafted header tube promotes smooth flow, lowering back pressure. This is the resistance exhaust gases encounter when try to exit the engine.

Minimised back pressure results in a myriad of advantages. One is an increase in horsepower. By reducing back pressure your engine will expel exhaust gases more readily. This permits a freer intake of fuel and fresh air. The better air-fuel mixture results in a more comprehensive combustion procedure. As a result, you end up with more power.

Another advantage is improved fuel economy. Reducing back pressure enables the engine to work more effectively. With less resistance to deal with, the engine doesn’t need as much energy to expel exhaust gases. You will have superior fuel mileage.

Finally, a well-crafted header tube results in a more responsive throttle. When someone presses down on the accelerator pedal, the engine reacts faster. This is due to the more efficient removal of exhaust gases and the fresh air intake. If you find yourself needing tube manipulation services, get in touch with us.

First steel, now aluminium

In the past, steel has been the go-to substance for header tubes due to its inherent strength and affordability. However, aluminium is emerging as a real contender in the performance vehicle scene. There are unique advantages here that cater to this particular market.

The main driver of aluminium’s popularity is its far lower weight if you compare to steel. This results in multiple quantifiable advantages for performance vehicles. Each pound you lose from a car contributes to better performance. A lighter motor results in less mass for your engine to move. There will be a measurable improvement in handling and acceleration. The weight loss is especially valuable in performance applications where shaving off even a few pounds can make a clear difference.

Another benefit is the lighter weight of aluminium header tubes contributes to faster acceleration. This is particularly notable in performance-oriented driving scenarios. Here, you need it to get faster lap times or to do overtake manoeuvres.

Work with our team and get expert tube manipulation

Multiform Tubes Engineering Ltd is one of the most flexible tube specialists working today. When someone needs manipulation, we provide utensils that satisfy their every need. Every technician here knows what they are doing when they work with different materials, including aluminium. So, you can count on us delivering spectacular results.

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