Using drawn seamless aluminium tubes in fuel lines

We understand the importance of being able to offer clients a multitude of tube bending services. In many instances, regular tubing won’t do. Instead, you will have to modify it to fulfil your applications. That is what we are here to help you with. By working with various tubing materials and high quality equipment, we can meet all your needs.

Drawn seamless aluminium round tubes are popular for use in fuel lines. There is a lot to say about the benefits and considerations when using them for such a task. That’s what we are going to discuss in detail here, so read on to learn more.

The advantages

Tube bending servicesOne pro that makes these tubes the preferred choice in fuel lines is they are lightweight. They weigh much less than the steel tubes people typically use for machinery and vehicles. This results in a lower overall weight. An important outcome of this is it improves fuel efficiency. In vehicles, lighter components cause them to use less energy to move over the same distance. You end up with superior fuel economy here.

There is also an increase in payload capacity. Lighter frames in machines enable them to carry heavier loads without undermining performance. Lastly, there is better manoeuvrability. Lower weight can improve agility and handling. Let us know if you need our tube bending services.


The cold drawing process gives the aluminium tubes more strength. They become resistance to impacts, warping, and bending. What this translates to is longevity. The tubes can put up with years of work in demanding environments. They will require less maintenance too. Since the tubes are so strong, you won’t have to repair them as much.

Next there is reliable performance. You will have consistent performance over the tubes’ lifespans. This is fantastic when you are talking about vehicles and machinery.

Corrosion resistance

Aluminium naturally generates a protective oxide layer that defends it. This makes the tubes perfect for fuel systems. They can put up with fuels like diesel, biofuels, and petrol without worrying about corroding. Due to the tubing’s resistance to water, salt, and other corrosive materials, you can use them for marine applications.

In addition, there is long term exposure. The tubes keep their integrity even when exposed to harsh weather and corrosive elements for long stretches of time.

Design freedom

The last advantage is the flexible design solutions. You can choose tube bending services to form tubing into all sorts of configurations. This is without undermining the structural integrity. It allows for easy adaptability and customisation. You can design drawn aluminium tubes to fit seamlessly into diverse fuel system layouts.

There is simplified manufacturing here too. The tube’s formability enables cost effective and efficient fabrication of complicated fuel system components.


We will now talk about the things to look out for when using drawn seamless aluminium round tubes in fuel lines.

One consideration has to do with wall thickness. It needs to be suitable enough to handle the system’s fuel pressure. The thicker the wall, the more it can put up with high pressure.

Another is fuel compatibility. Not every aluminium alloy performs equally with all fuel types. Certain ones can be more vulnerable to specific ethanol blends or biofuels.

With the tube bending services, cold drawing strengthens the aluminium. At the same time, it can become less ductile. Bending the tubes past their suggested radius can produce stress points. These weaken the structure.

There can be temperature fluctuations as well. Aluminium does a great job at conducting heat. In some situations, this can work effectively. In extremely cold or hot settings though, the fuel line may need extra insulation. This is to preserve optimal fuel temperatures.

The last consideration we’ll discuss is regulations. Certain industries, like automotive, could have rules around using aluminium in fuel lines. Make sure your chosen tube specifications and alloys comply with the safety standards.

You’ll get the best results possible with our tube bending services

At Multiform Tubes Engineering Ltd, we use our equipment to modify tubing with wonderful accuracy. Our clients get far superior products as a result. We pride ourselves on our skill when it comes to bending. The team is also available to offer guidance and advice.

So, if there is anything we can do for you with our tube bending services, please let us know. We can work in any industry, including automotive and transport.